Try It! - Single

Type: Creativity Scrimmages
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Try It!  Is a variety pack of scrimmages pulled from the various focus sets.  It has a mix of design, communication, engineering, and storytelling challenges.  Hours of high level thinking and fun to bring out the creativity and design thinking in anyone. Each kit includes a facilitator's guide, challenge materials, base materials, and a storage container. A single pack has enough supplies for one team to complete the 10 Challenges.   

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Try It! contains everything to run these scrimmages:

A Weighty Challenge
Build a free standing bridge that can hold as much weight as possible

Create a floating vehicle that can hold a weight as high as possible and withstand a sudden wave.

Catapult Chaos
Build a catapult to launch ping pong balls at a target

Build new models according to instructions, using designated materials, to match pre-built models.

Use simple shapes to recreate photographs as identifiable icons

Straight n Narrow
Build a vehicle that will roll as far and straight as possible.

Try Try Again
Use hints to arrange materials again and again until they match a secret diagram.

What Is It
Create prototypes of randomly chosen objects for your team to identify.

Giving Props
To create as many alternative uses as possible from random objects

Postcards from Where?
Create a skit about a postcard from a randomly chosen location.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 18 in x 14 in x 14 in

Weight: 16 lbs

Manufacturer: Einstein Project