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Tell It!  Is a pack of scrimmages with the focus on communication and different verbal challenges. Think creativly, work as a team, and communication are key to completeing these scrimmages. This kit includes a facilitator's guide, which is all that is needed for teams to complete the 10 different challenges.

When you purchase any 3 other kits, Tell It! pack is included for FREE!

Tell It! contains everything to run these scrimmages:

Postcards from Where?
Create a skit about a postcard from a randomly chosen location.

Back to the Future!
Create a skit about a historical person and the first modern gadget they experience when they arrive via a time machine (powerd by a flux capacitor). 

Can You Dig It!
Create a skit about an artifact dug up 500 years from now.

Creature Shop
Draw two halves of a creature, then present its biography.

If...  Then...
Create "THEN" Statements of randomly chosen "IF" statements.  Put them together into a skit that makes sense of all the statments.

Create a skit using randomly chosen text abbreviations.

Party Time
Create a skit in which your team throws a birthday party in a different time - past or future. 

Tour Guide
Create a skit in which your team gives an unexpected tour of a unique place with specific details. 

Why?  Why?  Why?
Create an improvised skit using a randomly chosen starting phrase, then continue to answer the question, "why?" until you can't.

Yes - AND...
Create an improvised skit using a randomly chosen starting question - and continue adding to the story.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 18 in x 14 in x 14 in

Weight: 16 lbs

Manufacturer: Einstein Project