Say It! Single

Type: Creativity Scrimmages
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Say It!  Is a pack of scrimmages with the focus on communication and different verbal challenges.   Think creativly, work as a team, and communication are key to completeing these scrimmages. Each kit includes a facilitator's guide, challenge materials, base materials, and a storage container. A single pack has enough supplies for one team to complete the 10 challenges.  

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Say It! contains everything to run these scrimmages:

Build new models according to instructions, using designated materials, to match pre-built models.

Try Try Again!
Use hints to arrange materials again and again until they match a secret diagram. 

Directionally Challenged
Construct a map to noverbally communicate directions.

Face It!
Communicate to your team which pictures of faces to pick up and place onto specific squares.

Measure Up!
Explain to your teammates how long a line is, using only the materials at hand.

Person of Few Words
Rewrite randomly chosen sentences using only words not used in the sentence.  Teammates will need to guess which sentence was originally used.

Communicate to team members how to complete a puzzle. 

Shape Up!
Communnicate which objects to pick up - nonverbally using supplied materials.

Turning the Tables
Groups communicate in order to switch and match the arrangement of pencils and drawings - as if tables have been rotated 180 degrees.


Product Details:

Dimensions: 24 in x 20 in x 12 in

Weight: 16 lbs

Manufacturer: Einstein Project