Design It! - Single

Type: Creativity Scrimmages
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Design It!  Is a pack of scrimmages with the focus on building different structure challenges.   Think creativly, work as a team, and communicate effectively to design some really fun structures. Each kit includes a facilitator's guide, challenge materials, base materials, and a storage container. A single pack has enough supplies for one team to complete the 10 challenges.  

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Design It! contains everything to run these scrimmages:

Another Angle
Create a skit in which you present a humorous ad, commercial or jingle that makes a randomly chosen chore seem more fun than boring. 

Create a skit about connections between seemingly unconnected words. 

Design Scramble
Design an object for a client that has unique traits.

Design Towers

Build a number of towers that can meet specific criteria.

Elevator Pitch
Create a skit which you give an elevator pitch (quick sales pitch) to sell a unique product to a specific client who has a problem. 

Giving Props
Create as many alternate uses as possible from random objects.

Use simple shapes to recreate photographs as identifiable icons.

To create as many ideas from the printed shapes as possible in a given time.

Systematic System
Create a skit in which your team members are different parts of a system that perfomrs a task.

What Is It
Create a prototype of randomly chosen objects for your team to identify. 

Product Dimensions:

18 in x 14 in x 14 in

Weight: 13 lbs.

Manufacturer: Einstein Project