Build It 2!- Single

Type: Creativity Scrimmages
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Build It 2!  Is a pack of scrimmages with the focus on building different structure challenges.   Think creatively, work as a team, and communicate effectively to design some really fun structures. Each kit includes a facilitator's guide, challenge materials, base materials, and a storage container. A single pack has enough supplies for one team to work through the 10 challenges.

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Build It 2! contains everything to run these scrimmages:

Another "Darn" Challenge
Build a structure to keep water in a bin.

Connect the Dots
Build a continuous structure that touches as many dots as possible.

Give it a Raise!
Build a tower that can hold as much weight as possible.

Humpty's Bungee
Build a bungee line that allows an egg to fall as far as possible without hitting the ground.

Moving Water
Design a tool (or tools) to move a container of water through an obstical course.

Robotic Surgery
Build a surgical instrument that can remove the harmful objects from the robot's body.

Scenic Overlook
Build a structure that cantilevers out over a gap as far as possible and supports a weight at the very end of the overlook.

Use Your Tools!
Create a tool to help retrieve items from the tops of cups.

Wrecking Ball
Create a structure that can withstand the impact of a swinging weight without falling over.

Product Dimensions:

18 in x 14 in x 14 in

Weight: 16 lbs.

Manufacturer: Einstein Project